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The Cinnamon Beach Ocean Pool

The Oceanside 'Quiet' Pool offers a spectacular view overlooking the ocean! This 65,000-gallon pool reaches 6 feet deep and is perfect for laps. You can relax poolside on the lounges or enjoy a shaded retreat on the third floor deck. The large lawn sets picturesque views to the beach walkover with outside showers provided to wash off the sand. Children requiring diapers or swimmies are not permitted in this pool and older children are required to use their indoor voices. Floats, balls and other games are not permitted here thereby promoting a 'quieter' atmosphere for owners and guests. This pool is heated to approximately 80 degrees during the winter months.

Closing Time of Pool Area:

Jan 1 - Mar 15 6:00pm
Mar 15 - Apr 15 7:00pm
Apr 15 - Jun 1 8:00pm
Jun 1 - Sep 1 9:00pm
Sep 1 - Oct 1 8:00pm
Oct 1 - Nov 1 7:00pm
Nov 1 - Dec 31 6:00pm

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